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Modern clothing concepts

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FL Textil – Your partner for innovative clothing concepts

FL Textil is your specialist in the field of workwear and uniforms for retail and industrial customers as well as for sportswear, winterwear and casualwear. We offer highly functional clothing concepts, which we manufacture for our customers according to their specific needs. FL Textil’s services include the design, product development, production and logistics of the garments.

FL Textil supplies uniforms to companies in more than 20 countries, serving customers all around the globe. Our focus is traditionally on the European market, but a few years ago we started offering our services to countries outside of Europe. Our customers rely on our strengths in the following areas:

Design: Fashionable design differentiates. Therefore, the design competence of our creative team is one of our most important success factors.

Product development: Innovative materials, functional and fashionable clothing concepts and certifications according to EN ISO standards – our products are continuously adapted to the latest market and technological developments.

Production and quality: Highest quality in textile production is the basis of our business. Because the full range of design, development and production is in our hands, we can offer perfect solutions.

Fulfillment: FL Textil can handle the complete logistics process for your uniforms: Warehousing, delivery to your locations, inventory management, webshop for ordering and other many other services.


Innovative, fashionable clothing for retail, catering and service industry.

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High quality, durable clothing for industrial busnesses.

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Fashionable and functional clothing collections for the private label segment.

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