Workwear Industry

FL Textil offers workwear and personal protective equipment for industry, trade and the medical sector (hospitals, emergency services) at the highest quality level. We specialize in individual customer solutions, whereby we are happy to manufacture according to your specifications, but also support you in product development or develop completely new clothing for you. In addition, FL Textil has a range of selected articles available for immediate delivery.

FL Textil’s product range covers a wide spectrum: we manufacture personal protective equipment, certified according to various EN standards (fireproof, antistatic, water-repellent, etc.), HACCP clothing as well as classic workwear such as work pants, jackets, shirts and t-shirts. Our selected long-term production partners as well as our certified quality controls guarantee an optimal realization of your workwear needs.

FL Textil sees itself as a partner to its customers, working with them to develop a clothing collection that meets the various needs within a company. Typically, a wide variety of requirements (such as legal requirements, wishes of employees and the works council, specifications from marketing and sales) has to be met for workwear, FL Textil brings a lot of experience to lead complex projects to a successful result.

Contact us, we will be happy to present our services and some of our references to you personally.