Efficient logistics is one of the key success factors in the field of workwear and a very important parameter when it comes to the satisfaction of our customers and their employees with the uniforms. FL Textil therefore has a very strong setup when it comes to fulfilling the orders received from its customers:

Daily deliveries
International delivery directly to our customers locations. Standard delivery time within 3-5 business days from order (shorter delivery times can be implemented upon request).

Order tools
Ordering via online store, email, fax or telephone. We are also able to integrate with your SAP / ERP system. We develop customized webshops or other order tools.

Efficient return process
Goods can be returned or exchanged. FL Textil efficiently manages the return and exchange process.

Inventory management
FL Textil monitors stock levels and ensures timely bulk re-orders of goods to avoid bottlenecks.

The picture on the left shows our warehouse south of Vienna.